Sunday, 8 February 2015

NextLevelAfrica Update February 8, 2015

From the desk of the CEO, Noel Adams.

I am having the development team looking at opening NLA tomorrow for members to log into their backoffice.

The aim of this is so members can check their NLA accounts and make a crowdfunding project. They can also upgrade accounts to package 1-  upgrades can only be done with coins already in NLA. 

Please do not make any transactions involving the ecommerce.chingeling site until further notice.
Also signups can start again.

Remember with signups, we will only have one link. The link will be the company link, this will ensure for the perfect matrix with all members helping each other.

We are one community objective, with one goal in mind. Helping others!!!

They are also very close to having the new cwallet available, Windows is finished just working on the Mac version, we should have that at some stage this week. The developers are writing codes especially for the NLA community, because of the price of the coin for the general population.

This will be linked through the bank with a special API for the NLA group.
As I have said before, never in the history of MLM or traditional business has this ever happened.

Members have been asking, what is a simple way I can explain NLA to somebody.

The simple answer is, we don’t have a simple way of explaining this unique concept.

Anything you tell somebody about NLA, will only result in them telling you it sounds like just a hype story.

Try telling somebody, they could earn 100…200..500…1000 times what the compensation plan is expressing.

My simple way is just saying if you can afford $15 for a crowd funding platform, spend $15 and learn as you go.

Noel Adams
CEO Smada World Pty Ltd
Next Level Africa

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