Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Next Level Africa Registration

From the desk of the CEO Noel Adams.
The hold up at the moment is the C++ programming with the link between NLA and the exchange. Our C++ programmer is based in the UK. I have just been given the update that he has completed his part. Our programmers will implement that code into NLA tomorrow, so we should be ready to re-open for funding and signups.
The signups....that brings me to my next major evaluation on the longevity of our business. I have had to assess the importance of making the right choice for the entire community. I have decided in the interest of the NLA community that, effective immediately upon reopening we will only have one registration link.
NextLevelAfrica registration
The main reason for that is so no stacking can occur. If members see how easy it is to stack, we will have no coins in NLA left to grow our community. My aim is to make this a fair environment for all members. Members who do the right thing by other members should not be penalized. There will be other adjustments as we move forward that will continue to protect the community and the value of the coin.
You will see in the next month, I have secured assets to the value of $500 + billion in NLA. You may think I am on something, and maybe I am. (An undertaking) And that is to help as many people as I can achieve their dreams. Helping as many people as I can fulfil their dreams, means they can help others. Next week when the update in our cwallet is completed, our coin will go to $131.00 each. I can't even start to tell you what is happening on a daily basis and the international interest we have in the Chingeling coin.
So the bottom line is, I wanted to address this issue before we have the system being exploited by a selfish few. This is just the easiest way to prevent this. We are also building our own internal exchange in NLA, to help with the sale and purchase of coins by our community. More information on that will follow.
Steven Hodgkiss

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