Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WeShareSuccess Is It A Scam or Is It Real?

Many will claim that this is a scam and why would that be? Do not be taken in by Bloggers who continuously run down every single Opportunity for the sole purpose of trying to build their own Google Rankings -- or maybe to sell you their own "next best thing since sliced bread"

Here are some facts and not made up:

“We Share Success Inc.” is a global company founded by more than 3500 business people from all around the world. Our Board of Directors consists of entrepreneurs from 6 different continents. We are backed by PERFECTINTERNET (PI), a debt-free multi-million-$ company that is successfully running Internet projects all over the world. PI is paying monthly profit share to thousands of Founding Members, and so will “We Share Success” to all qualified pre-launch members starting in March 2015.

Is it really free to join We Share Success?

  • Yes! Our services are FREE and will remain FREE FOREVER!
  • We share bonuses from our sister company, Perfect Internet Inc., which include Free Shopping, a Safe, Secure and Private Internet Experience, Free Ebooks, Valuable Prizes, Free Lottery Entries, and much more.

Can I really trust them?

  • Yes. Why? Because we are backed by Perfect Internet Inc., a debt-free global company that has been successfully operating online since 2012. And more importantly, we at WSS are people just like you, and as such we are committed to helping you and every member succeed. We know that the only way to achieve success is through a high level of honesty and integrity.

When will We Share Success actually launch?

  • We Share Success will be in Pre-Launch until 19th February 2015
  • Official launch of We Share Success will be 1st March 2015

How do I register for We Share Success?

  • You must have an invite link from an existing Member (Sponsor)
  • Follow the link to the registration page at
  • Ensure your invite is shown from the Member who invited you
  • Fill in your relevant details of registration
  • Verify email link to complete registration
  • Members’ FREE shares will show as activated when logging in for the first time

My friend or family member has signed up, but I don't see the 5 shares increase in my account. Why? How to resolve it?

  • First they need to advise who is showing as their Sponsor when they log in
  • If the Sponsor is you, contact Support giving them your details
  • If the Sponsor is not you, then that friend or family Member has used somebody else’s referral link to register

How do I verify my shares?

  • Proof of identification will be required by 28th February 2015 to confirm your shares
  • Only one account per member. Opening multiple accounts will result in termination of all accounts.

When will I receive my Free Shares?

  • An IPO is planned for 4th Quarter 2015 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Digital transfer of shares will occur immediately after IPO
  • Your shares can then be traded via your local broker in any country or retained to receive annual dividends

What other benefits will I receive?

  • We Share Success will share 25% of its profits Monthly with all Members from March 2015 until the date of the IPO
  • Your monthly payment will be based on the number of Confirmed FREE Shares held in each Members’ Official Share Book
  • Monthly payments will be replaced by Dividends after IPO, payable annually

Who is paying for all the FREE benefits?

  • WE love to SHARE our SUCCESS with you!. Like other companies, we earn money for displaying ads and doing E-Commerce. Instead of spending our money on marketing, we offer FREE benefits to our Members
  • We Share Success was formed as a Company to engage in Profitable Online Projects as determined by their Members from special “Ideas Teams”
  • We Share Success has predetermined it’s first project for Launch on 1st March 2015…

How safe is my data?

We NEVER share your data with ANY third party. When you use our search engines none of your data is collected. It is always YOU who decides what you want to share - GUARANTEED!

Contact Details and Registered Offices

We Share Success Ltd.
2 Alexandra Gate
Suite A12
Cardiff, CF24 2SA, UK

We Share Success Inc.
7251 W Lake Mead Blvd.
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA

So there you go ... all up-front and for everyone to see 

I hope that has answered some of your concerns ... would you like to see a video? 

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