Friday, 16 January 2015

Internet Marketing – How much would you pay?

How much would you pay?

Yes! How much would you spend for an Internet Marketing Suite of Tools including lead capture pages, email auto responders, an application to make landing pages, an integrated campaign management system, a blogging and blog management system and more…?

Yes, I mean all together in one place, one domain, a set of useful Internet Tools integrated together, accessed by you or your marketing team on the one domain, where they are integrated and useful to use in ways that will assists the search engines to find your business sites.

Not only this but to manage your business and social lead systems so that marketing can send them newsletters and update notifications in html format or text, all with an interface like Facebook but unlike Facebook contains a proper marketing Toolset.

The MarketHive Marketing System.

And The MarketHive Marketing System could assist in building your business or businesses, helping with your marketing strategies, a proper one stop shop containing a complete Integrated Marketing Suite; Well that would be real handy, right! a real bonus for your customers!

And if these tools are free then that would be even better right!

In essence a complete system that allows you, while you run your sales business, to relate to and integrate with the sales department so your Marketing Department or Company and sales division are working together.

You sales and marketing areas acting as integrated departments that are coordinated (at last) and are actually working together to help strengthen your business links your Blogs, landing pages and marketing campaigns together, integrated to YouTube to Videos and participate in Forums. All this means that the overall efficiency and marketing strengths of your business increase dramatically.

All these assets are in Market Hive, truly a one-stop on-line internet marketing tools control panel.

Integrated Marketing Tools will allow you to operate a web business and help you receive lots of "web traffic" filled with people searching for your particular product or service.

An Internet Search Engine is the number one way of finding your website. This method accounts for over 80% of all the traffic your web site receives and tools at market Hive will assist you in the possibility of a person’s search landing on your website real estate. Why Now? Because all your marketing systems are inbuilt together, integrated and interacting together.

One of the best ways is to build up traffic is to build link popularity. Make as many links as you can using the Market Hive Blogging system and constructing press releases alerting people about your products and services.

So take Action Right Now! Go See What All The Fuss Is About… If you have not taken a close look at MarketHive now is the time. You could be taking action and begin your journey using a great suite of marketing tools and a great suite of integrated support applications.

Steven Hodgkiss
MarketHive - Free Inbound Marketing Tools

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