Saturday, 17 January 2015

Free Inbound Marketing Tools from MarketHive

Why would you pay $3000 a month for tools that you get for FREE? 

#MarketHive has just launched and you can be a part of this new enterprise that has all the Inbound Marketing Tools you will ever need.

We have been preparing to launch MarketHive for several weeks now, raising money for the advertising and marketing and having daily meetings so people would understand the power and simplicity of MarketHive.

Most of you, this is news and it should get your attention, because after 2 years of serious development, innovation and production, MarketHive is about to launch.
MarketHive is similar in looks to Facebook and behaves like it in many ways. Making friends, having groups, the news feed, messaging, chatting, boosting, tagging, sharing, very similar.

But like the name implies, “Market” represents a powerful portfolio of integrated and effective inbound marketing tools, like email auto responders, social media broadcasters, capture pages, blogging platforms, seo platforms, lead management, and analytics.

We are not talking about the old fashion type of tools either, but fresh innovative new concepts, that eliminate the old double opt in email that causes so many spam complaints GONE! Capture pages that takes literally split seconds for the visitor to join.

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  1. Hey Stephen Hodgkiss,
    You describe the whole process of inbound marketing very beautifully and this is a very good news that you are going to launch MarketHive. Inbound marketing and branding for business