Monday, 3 November 2014

Get 10 Real Company Preferred Shares at the new "We Share Success"

Now in pre-launch is a new company called 'We Share Success Inc.', which is giving away real Company Shares just for registering. As an existing PI member, all you need to do is login using your existing PI credentials to activate this. Many of you missed out last time in sharing the profits of PI and thousands of us have already started to earn. I myself have been paid and this will only increase as the months go by and revenues are increased and generated from our business partners.

At We Share Success, we share our profit with members and this is done by giving them Preferred Shares in We Share Success Inc.

From now until February 19, 2015 everyone has the ability to share in this and at ZERO cost.

Receive a share of our profit EVERY SINGLE MONTH as long as you hold shares. On November 11, 2014 we will have an associated REFID and it will be opened up for new member registrations.

You will be able to trade your shares in We Share Success Inc. after the IPO that is scheduled for Q4 in 2015.

REMEMBER: for those of you that are already registered with the Perfect Internet, then registration is not required again ... simply go to and login with your existing details.

What do I have to do after activating the WSS account? You should send an email similar to this one to all of your 1st Generation and ask them to do exactly the same thing. Doing this will increase the number of Preferential Shares you hold.

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