Friday, 25 May 2012

Tabzi everyday something changes!

Everyday we make changes to the website.

Some changes are clearly visible, some changes are subtle and some changes are in the background behind the scenes.

We've been working hard this week on the surf bar and hits. We've made some background changes to the surf bar as well as introducing some new security features.

The biggest change today is version 1 of the new hits report.

The hits report will be developed over time to give detailed analysis. We've had so many requests for reporting I've taken the decision to release a basic hits report now.

You will see the hits report shows hits for each of your websites over the last 5 days.

We've also added a report button on the surf bar, that means you can now report any of the last 10 websites you've viewed. To report a website, click the report button then click the website you want to report, enter the reason and click report.

Some members have reported problems with the surf bar over the last few days and todays update should have fixed those problems and surfing should be a great experience now.

What will we update next?

Have a great day!

Stephen Hodgkiss
Tabzi VIP Founder Member

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